Whether you are considering renting or leasing a property you own, or you are a potential tenant, you have certain rights under Florida law. While most landlords and tenants work well together, it is important to have lease agreements reviewed carefully before signing and it is also important for each party to understand the terms of the lease agreement and the different rights and responsibilities that are associated with those terms.

At The Law Office of Shannan M. Field, PA we have extensive experience dealing with commercial and residential lease agreements. You can count on us to review existing agreements before you sign them, or if necessary to draw up a new lease for your review. One of the most important things to remember when signing a lease is that you must abide by the terms; it is important to have the agreement reviewed prior to signing so you can avoid potential problems.

One of the concerns about standard lease agreements is they may not meet the needs of either landlords or tenants. It is often best to customize leases based on your individual needs. This is particularly important in the event issues arise later. We will review an existing lease and point out potential issues.

Some of the issues that should be addressed in lease agreements include rent amounts, due dates, property repairs, responsibility for outside work including mowing, trash removal, etc. Other issues such as late fees, noise restrictions, or sub-leasing should also be addressed in every lease agreement for both residential and commercial properties.

At The Law Office of Shannan M. Field, PA we have years of experience dealing with leases. We can help you prepare a suitable lease to meet your needs or review current leases to ensure your interests are protected. We provide services in the Space Coast and surrounding areas.