Welcome to The Law Office of Shannan M. Field, PA

One of the most important things you need when you hire an attorney is someone who will take the time to explain complex legal matters to you. They must be willing to break these matters down into terms that are easily understood by someone without legal experience. At The Law Office of Shannan M. Field, we understand you want someone who is approachable and willing to spend whatever time is necessary to help you with your legal matters.

Our Services

We provide legal services to clients in the Space Coast and surrounding areas of Florida. We keep our services limited to ensure we can take the time to address each client individually. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Estate Planning — Whether you need help drafting an estate plan including powers of attorney, health care directives, a will, or a trust, we provide a wide range of estate planning services. We can also assist with the preparation of Pre-Need Guardianship forms.
  • Probate  This is the formal process of distributing of a loved one’s property according to their wishes once they have passed. This process can be time consuming and complicated. We offer assistance to those who have lost a loved one and guide you through the probate process.
  • Real Estate Matters — Whether you are purchasing a home, refinancing, or selling a home, it is always a good idea to have the legal documents such as sales contracts, mortgage notes, and deeds reviewed by a skilled attorney. We also provide services to those who are leasing residential or commercial properties; this includes reviewing or drafting leases.
  • Business Law — New entrepreneurs and those who have been operating their business without incorporating may wish to discuss their options to ensure their personal assets are protected. We can help with Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, LLC Membership or Operating Agreements and more.

If you need personalized legal help in Florida, contact The Law Office of Shannan M. Field, PA. We are committed to providing high quality legal services throughout the area.