Business Law

Business Law

Forming a new company in Florida is exciting, but without the proper business structure, you could be putting your personal assets at risk. Because of this, many new business owners opt for corporate structures other than a sole proprietorship. In Florida, the two most common types of corporate structures are Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s).

Articles of Incorporation & Articles of Organization

There are very stringent requirements for the type of information that must be included in your articles of incorporation or articles of organization. We can help you draft these documents and ensure they are filed properly with the state.

Operating & Membership Agreements

Florida entrepreneurs who wish to use an LLC must ensure their operating and membership agreements are done in compliance with Florida statutes. This is important as these documents govern your company and any errors can have a negative impact if a dispute arises among the members of the corporation or limited liability company.
When you are considering starting a business in the Space Coast or surrounding areas, contact The Law Office of Shannan M. Field, PA for assistance. We can help ensure you these documents are prepared in compliance with Florida law.